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Date: 09.11.06 New Big-Sized African Amethysts

We have a new stock of fine, Amethsts from Africa. These big gemstones are really stunning, best quality. Sizes from 5 to 28 ct. per piece. Price is much below regular market price. First come first serve! Only single pieces are available. Link Big Amethysts Have a nice day.


Date: 05.10.06 New Lot of Diamonds

Dear Sir or Madam,

please pay attention to our new diamond lot offer. We offer you 15 fine diamonds at a real wholesale price of 17158.86 Euro (net) for all together. Please have a look at the diamond data below. We want to sell that whole lot of diamonds together, but if you are interested in a single diamond, kindly contact us and we will just charge 5% more per single diamond.

Best regards

Diamond Lot:

Polish-Proportions & Symmetry-Finish is "VG-VG" / Color "D"

Weight Clarity Lab Fluo Dimensions List Price Discount Total (EUR)
0.41 VVS2 GIA NON 4.87x4.92x2.88 3.600 -27.0 1,077.48
0.40 VVS2 GIA NON 4.70x4.76x2.94 3.600 -26.0 1,065.60
0.43 VVS2 GIA NON 4.91x4.96x2.94 3.600 -27.0 1,130.04
0.41 VVS2 GIA NON 4.79x4.83x2.88 3.600 -26.0 1,092.24
0.42 VVS2 GIA NON 4.84x4.88x2.95 3.600 -27.0 1,103.76
0.44 VVS2 GIA NON 4.87x4.90x3.00 3.600 -27.0 1,156.32
0.42 VVS2 GIA FNT 4.86x4.91x2.96 3.600 -27.0 1,103.76
0.43 VVS1 GIA NON 4.83x4.86x3.03 4.200 -25.0 1,354.50
0.44 VVS1 GIA NON 4.88x4.93x2.99 4.200 -25.0 1,386.00
0.42 VVS2 GIA NON 4.76x4.78x2.95 3.600 -26.0 1,118.88
0.41 VVS1 GIA FNT 4.80x4.82x2.94 4.200 -26.0 1,274.28
0.40 VVS2 GIA NON 4.80x4.82x2.82 3.600 -32.0 979.20
0.40 VVS2 GIA NON 4.66x4.70x2.96 3.600 -29.0 1,022.40
0.40 VVS1 GIA NON 4.67x4.69x2.93 4.200 -26.0 1,243.20
0.40 VVS2 GIA NON 4.65x4.72x2.93 3.600 -27.0 1,051.20

Date: 21.09.06 Big Cubic Zirconia Offer

Dear Valued Customers,

please have a look at our tremendous big-sized Cubic Zirconia offers. We offer 40.0 & 50.0 mm sized Cubic Zirconia at best quality for sale. The prices are much below regular wholesale. Do not miss that great opportunity.

We are also able to supply you with big colored CZ stones in Pink, Gold, Champagne, Oliv-Green, Garnet (Red) or Violet color. These colored zirconias are not listed at our online shop. If you like to buy them please contact us via e-mail. Colored CZ cost additional 20% according to the regular white cz prices.

Best regards

Date: 21.09.06 Gemstone Promotional Offer!

Dear Valued Customers,

that week from 18.09 - 24.09.2006 we are pleased to offer you a Peridot, White Topaz, Amethyst Brazil and Garnet promotional wholesale offer:

1000 Carat Peridot @ 1.59 Euro per Carat
1000 Carat White Topaz @ 0.74 Euro per Carat
1000 Carat Amethyst Brazil @ 0.89 Euro per Carat
1000 Carat Garnet @ 0.84 Euro per Carat

You will receive a lot of gemstones according to your order quantity with 8 different shapes and many different sizes. All gemstones are of best quality, ready for set in fine jewelry or for retail. The minimum order quantity is just 1000 Carat.

For further information please have a look at our "Wholesale Shop Category" and browse for Peridot, White Topaz, Garnet or Amethyst Brazil. Just follow the link:

Best regards

Date: 06.09.06 10% Discount on all Cubic Zirconia

Dear valued customers,

If you have any special needs, you need some special diamonds or gemstones, do not hesitate to contact us.

At the moment we offer for short time a special discount of 10% on Cubic Zirconia Stones. If your total amount spending on CZ is more then 200 Euro total, you will recieve an additional discount of 10% on your CZ order. That discount will not apply in your shopping cart, it will be given to you via email.

Best regards

Date: 05.09.06 Gemstone-Library Online

Dear valued customers,

please have a look at our new gemstone & jewelry library. You will find information about many gemstones and jewelry facts. Just follow the link:
Gemstone Library

Best regards

Date: 24.08.06 New White Diamonds Online

Dear valued customers,

we have new white diamonds online. New sizes from 0.90 ct. to 10.13 ct. per piece. Please pay attention to them. The diamonds are all HRD certified. If you are interested in any diamond we would be pleased to send you the certificate via email.

Best regards

Date: 22.08.06 Gold-Topaz & Swiss Blue Topaz Special

Dear valued customers,

please pay attention to our new wholesale offers:

4000 ct. Precious Gold-Topaz / not treated / Clean / different shapes / approx. 5-20 ct. per piece at 1.19 Euro per carat

500 ct. Swiss-Blue Topaz / Clean / different shapes / minimum 5 ct. maximum 20 ct. per piece at 3.25 Euro per carat

The prices are excluding tax and shipping charges.

The minimum order quantity for Gold-Topaz gemstones is 2000 ct. The Swiss-Blue Topazes will be sold only all 500 ct. together.

These offers are not listed on our website. If you are interested in buying these gemstones, please drop us an email.

Best regards

Date: 09.08.06 Peridot Wholesale Offers!

We are offering fine, clean Peridots at wholesale prices listed in our wholesale shop category. The minimum order quantity is 1000 carat. You will recieve Peridot gemstones with mixed sizes and forms. These are clean gemstones, AAA color. Kindly have a look at that tremendous offer. Just click on the following link Peridot Wholesale.

Date: 02.08.06 Big Hot Pink Topaz with 26.38ct. Weight!

Dear valued customers,

we have a new big sized Hot Pink Topaz / Clean / Oval on stock. Please have a look at that tremendous big Topaz. That is a stunning big, best quality gemstone. Just click on the following link
Hot Pink Topaz / Oval / Clean / 26.38 ct.

Best regards

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