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Goshenite Gemstone - Mother of all gemstones


Goshenite gemstone is said to be the mother of all gemstones, and due to the way it appears, it is said to be a pure gemstone. This is a gemstone that also bears the name of the white Beryl, due to its color. Due to the fact that it is considered to be pure, Goshenite is used in many cultures all over the world in marital ceremonies.

This is a gemstone with a high level of clarity, and due to this, it has a lot of brilliance and scintillating fire. Most of the other gemstones of the beryl family derive their color from the presence of impurities in the gemstone, but because Goshenite does not have any, it was said, by the early gemologists, as being pure in nature. However, after much research, it was found that Goshenite does have impurities, but it is the presence of some of them which actually suppress the color that it would otherwise have.

From the first century AD, the fact that this transparent beryl is so clear in color have led it to be used as an alternative for other gemstones with the same color properties, such as diamond. When a Goshenite is polished and cut into facets, it becomes a wonderful, glass-like gemstone that looks wonderful, when it is placed in white gold.

In Ancient Greece, the people found a wonderful use for Goshenite; it was used in the making of glasses or spectacles. The fact that it had a perfect crystals clarity made it perfect for making lenses. This is perhaps the reason why there is a myth that claims that Goshenite can help in clearing eyesight issues.

Apart from helping people with their eye problems, Goshenite is also said to help beat fatigue, and this is because it gives extra strength to someone who has become exhausted. Goshenite is also said to help in clearing the mind, and can bring the wearer a lot of clarity and truth to the psyche. Its clarity makes Goshenite not only great for making glasses but also in the fashioning of perfect crystal balls.

When Goshenite does not have any inclusions, it is one of the most wondrous of all gemstones on the earth and that is why it deserves to be called the Mother of all gemstones. Some say that this name was given to this gemstone simply because it is possible to fashion many other types of gemstone alternatives when impurities are added to the gem.

When it comes to carat weight, this is a gemstone that follows that of its sister beryl, the aquamarine; this is with reference to the pricing structure. There is a standard premium price paid out for Goshenite of a single carat and above. The prices then increase steadily with the increase in carat weight, until you get to specimens that are too big to be used as jewelry pieces. The pieces that are about 30 to 40 carats are usually reserved for museums and collectors. But the large pieces do not attract a high price as they would were the gemstone a diamond or other precious gem. If there are one or two inclusion in the gemstone, there is no effect on the price; the cut, on the other hand, must be so that the gemstone does not lose the diamond-like brilliance that it is famous for.

It is from Goshen Massachusetts that the Goshenite derives its name, since it was first discovered here. Today, it is a gemstone that is common in many countries but the main sources are Canada, the United States of America and Brazil. This is quite a hard gemstone, with a hardness value of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale and is therefore perfect for setting into jewelry that is worn regularly. Like all other gemstones in the Beryl family, the Goshenite can suit several types of cuts, although the step cut is the most popular. Other member of the Beryl family, such as red Beryl Heliodor, Emerald and Morganite are considered to be more exquisite than Goshenite, but there is something mystical about the level of purity found in this gemstone.

The history of Goshenite gemstones

Goshenite is one of the purest of all gemstones and was first found in Goshen, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. Once in a while, you will find a beryl that does not have any coloring impurities, and it is known as a colorless beryl. However, when you are talking about this beryl within the gemstone world, it is called Goshenite. The gemstone is also called the mother of all gemstones, since once you add impurities into the crystal, then it will take the form of many of the other precious beryl gemstones. For example when you add trace amounts of chromium, you can get an emerald, and when you add manganese you can get Morganite.

Some few points to note about Goshenite

This is a gemstone that is found all over the world, and is found in large quantities. Most of these gemstones do have a few inclusions, which are usually tolerated when the stone is used in making jewelry.

It is quite rare to get Goshenite in its purest form. This is a mineral that does not have a lot of significance as a gemstone, but it has a great history as one of the first forms of spectacles. In the ancient times, all glasses were made using this mineral.

In some of the translations of the bible, you will find Goshenite mentioned as the gemstone that is used in making the wheels of the chariot used by God.

From the 1st century AD, the best qualities of this gemstone have been used as a substitute for other precious and colorless gemstones. In some cases, you will find Goshenite being used as a substitute for diamonds. In other cases it is just faceted and then set in jewelry due to its high brilliance, which makes it look like a diamond.

The occurrence and cutting of Goshenite

It is common to find hexagonal varieties of beryl which have striated surfaces in the gemstone deposits of Central and West Africa and also in South America. You can also find some deposits of Goshenite in Ukraine, the United States of America, Russia and Madagascar. Skilled cutters are able to turn this gemstone into many faceted designs. However, gemstones of the beryl family are best cut into rectangular and step cuts; these are the cuts which are said to be the best when cutting transparent gemstones, since they bring out the fire and beauty very well.

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