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Prasiolite Gemstones - Simple green quartz


Since this is a simple Green Quartz, Prasiolite also goes by the name of Green Amethyst or Vermarine. This is one of those gemstones which, though they can be formed through natural processes, are mainly produced by heating Citrine or Amethyst carefully. This is a process that has been perfected at the Brazilian Montezuma Mines. When it is formed through natural processes, this elegant and brilliant gemstone, with grass-green color, is quite a rare specimen of the quartz family; and whenever it is found, it is only in small sizes since it is even rarer to get a large Prasiolite specimen. This gemstone has a different crystal system from other members of the same family, and this is why it is very rare. Due to the odd structure, the gemstones does not have an even color.

When it comes to myths, Prasiolite is said to have very miraculous abilities. Firstly, it is said to bring about goof fortune and luck, and it is worn by people who are very high in the social hierarchy. The other myths and folklore are similar to those that are attributed to Amethyst. This is also a gemstone that is usually confused with other gemstones such as Green Tourmaline, Green Beryl and Peridot.

Green Quartz, Prasiolite or Vermarine is mainly made of silica, or silicon dioxide and is therefore classified as a member of the quartz family. Since the year 1950, all forms of natural Prasiolite used to come from one small mine in Brazil, but today, it can now be found in the Lower Silesia region of Poland. You can also find natural deposits of Prasiolite in Thunder Bay, Canada.

There are some people who spell Prasiolite as Praziolite, and at times it is confused with another gemstones bearing a similar name, praseoilite; this is a gemstone that comes from the heating of iolite, which belongs to the cordierite family of gemstones.

As mentioned earlier, this is a gemstone that is very hard to get in nature, and most of those which are found are used purposely for making jewelry. You can also get the gemstone by simply heating Amethyst. Most times, when Amethyst is heated, it will turn to yellow or orange and it will this be named Citrine, but on careful heating, there are some that will turn green and produce Prasiolite. Most of the gemstones that are sold on the market come from careful heating of Amethyst and then putting it through ionizing radiation.

There are times when people call green quartz, green amethyst and this is a terrible misnomer. The Federal Trade Commission Guidelines specifically say that it is wrong to pass of green quartz as green amethyst. You must be careful when you are handling gemstones that can easily pass off as others and you can ask for specialized analysis if you are not sure. Comes from two Greek words, "Prason" which actually means "leek" and "lithos" which means "stone". This is mainly due to the fact that it is a green stone.

A closer look at Prasiolite

This is a fantastic gemstone that has a pastel appearance, and it is a quartz of a wonderful green color. There are times that this gemstone has also been called the lime citrine. Although it is very hard to get large sizes in nature, this is still an exciting gemstone, since you can get larger sizes coming from the heat-treated variety. The large size, great durability and almost clear transparency makes the gemstone perfect for the making of faceted jewelry. The color of Prasiolite can vary from green to yellowish green.

Physical properties of Prasiolite gemstone

The key separations of this gemstone are the refractive index, birefringence, optic figure and optic character. The gemstone has to have a bull´s eye optic figure in order to qualify to be a quartz. The gemstone also has Brazil-law twinning and this is what differentiates it from scapolite. This is a gemstone that has a transparency that is ranges from clear to translucent. It has a refractive index of 1.544 to 1.553 and a very constant tolerance. Prasiolite has a birefringence of 0.009 and a uniaxial optic character. It has a positive optic sign and is doubly refractive when it is viewed under the polariscope. The fluorescence of the gemstone is generally inert when viewed under short and long wave ultraviolet light. It has a weak pleochroic nature which is mainly due to the body color of the wearer. It also has a weak dispersion and a weak fire value of 0.013.

Chemical properties of Prasiolite gemstones

This is silicon dioxide and has a Trigonal crystal system. This is a gemstone that has a hardness value of 7 on the Mohs scale and has a white streak. It also has a specific gravity of 2.64 to 2.69 but typically it is at 2.66. It is quite a tough stone and great for making jewelry. This is a type II clarity gemstone and may contain crystals, negative crystals, liquid inclusions, poorly or partially healed fractures and two-phase inclusions. This is a gemstone that has a vitreous luster which is quite stable. It has a conchoidal fractures and has a cleavage that can be classified as poor or totally nonexistent.

This is generally a gemstone that would look great on a lady´s finger and also on the cufflinks for men´s shirts. When you net walk into a jewelry store, you should ask for this gemstone. The fact that it can be manufactured easily, means that you can get it at a fair price, and you are bound to get very clear specimens. The fact that the fire is low may means that it will not glimmer like a diamond, but it will look great when worn in its large sizes; this is another feature that makes it ideal for making jewelry. So if you want to buy a pendant that will suit your green eyes, then you do not have to be skittish about asking for it in the largest possible size. This is truly an exciting gemstone with a lot of possibilities.

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