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Synthetic Spinel Gemstones in different Shapes & Sizes

Synthetic Spinel Gemstones at Wholesale Prices. Dip into the fascinating World of Synthetic Spinel Gemstones!

Synthetic spinell is a man created, synthetic stone. Mother nature needed thousands of years for a process that can be imitated in laboratories within 24 hours. The chemical attributes are amazing and are similar to its natural archetype. Impureness in the natural crystal can be avoided with the synthetic stone. Synthetic Spinel first came into being due to a manufacturing accident. Using the Verneuil process, a laboratory was trying to make a synthetic blue sapphire. They used cobalt expecting that it will give the synthetic crystal a blue color, but the coloration became uneven. They then decided to use magnesium oxide as a flux so that it could even out the spreading of the tintctant, and they managed to get an even color, but when they looked at the structure of the stone, they found that the crystal resembled natural Spinel and did not even come close to the of sapphire or corundum. The stones have one odd feature; unlike other synthetic stones which resemble their naturally occurring counterparts, synthetic Spinel is much lower in the content of Magnesium Oxide. The synthetic also has more aluminum oxide and this causes the stone to have a double refraction when looked at using a polariscope; the extra aluminum stain the crystal lattice of the stone and gives it different physical and optical properties from that of the natural Spinel. Have a look at Synthetic Spinel Gemstone Library for more information about fine Synthetic Spinel stones.

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