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Kunzite gemstones - Fine pink color


The temperatures and continental movements of the earth, which occurred millions of years ago, created gemstones with a wide variety of colors and characteristics. For a long time, these have been revered and great value has been placed on them. For thousands of years, civilizations have placed a lot of importance on these "common" stones, but every once in a while, a new and unknown gemstone is discovered, to the amazement and delight of those who value these stones. Kunzite, is one of these relatively new gemstones, which has slowly picked up grace among jewelry lovers. The stone has pink hues, and this has made it very popular amongst women. Although it has only been known within the last century, it has become so popular, that one would think that it was discovered many centuries ago. This is a second renaissance for the young stone.

A brief history of Kunzite

Kunzite, is a relatively young gemstone, when compared to others, and in 1902, when it had just been discovered in California, a gemologist known as George Frederick Kuntz, gave a comprehensive description of the stone, and it was consequently named after him. Kunz lived between the years of 1856 and 1932, and is well known for his contribution to the discovery and classification of gemstones.

The Spodumen family of gemstones, which also comprise of the green or yellowish green gemstone known as Hiddenite, boast Kunzite as its youngest member. By the way, Hiddenite was also named after the patron and discoverer, known as W.E. Hidden. In the world of gemology, Jadeite, Diopside, and some three other gemstones, together with the Spodumens, make up what is called the Pyroxenes. This is a group of gemstones that has a fiery appearance. The term Pyroxene come from two Greek words "Pyr" which means firer and "Xenos" which means stranger. Therefore one can say that the name refers to the strange fire that these stones seem to have, deep in their structure.

In 1902, In the San Diego County of California, and the District of Pala, a pale pink kunzite was discovered. Today, in Afghanistan, United States, Mexico and Brazil, one can find the prism-shaped gemstones, which are characterized by vertical striations in abundance. Although the crystals and their fragments are usually badly worn out, it is easy to get a stone that weighs up to several kilograms.

The fine properties and characteristics of kunzite gemstones

Kunzite, which is one of the variations of Spodumen, is known to belong to the class of gemstones called Chain Silicates. The fine pink color owes its beauty to the presence of fine traces of manganese. One downside of the stone is the fact that the pink color fades when it is overly exposed to sunlight. This is why the stone is great for wearing to dinner parties and other occasions that happen at night, rather than take it with you for a day at the beach.

The most important characteristic of kunzite can be found in the clarity of the stone; it has delicate pink gradations, which can sometimes have highlights of violet. These colors have a definite feminine appeal, and they are said to be seductive. For the fine pink characteristic to be displayed at its best, the cutter must make sure that he gets the alignment of the gemstone correct before he can make a single incision into the stone. There is a crucial reason for this; depending on the angle at which you look at the stone, it may appear to be pink, violet and in some instances, colorless. To illustrate this further, the kunzite stones that come from Afghanistan can at times appear to be deeply violet, light violet and sometimes green, depending on the angle at which you look at the stone.

In the gemstone world, this ability of a gemstone to display different colors when viewed from different angles is called Pleochroism; the meaning of this word can be loosely translated as Multi-Coloredness. There are many gemstones that exhibit pleochroism, but it is particularly well developed in kunzite, and if you really have the time to carefully look at kunzite, you should turn it around and see this characteristic first-hand. Experienced cutters know that for a stone to be well cut, the most beautiful and prominent color should be observed when the stone is viewed from above; this is one of the factors that direct the cutter in how to align the stone right from the start. Deeply colored kunzites are very rare to find, therefore most kunzite jewelry will have the light-colored stones; this rarity of the dark kunzites makes them very dear to own, and they are expensive.

When it comes to the hardness of kunzite, it has a value of 6.5 and 7, which makes it perfect for making jewelry, but there is a small hitch. The fact that the gemstone has a perfect cleavage has made it quite challenging for cutters to get a variety of cuts. However, once the cutter gets past creating the basic shape, the rest is not so difficult. Once it has been set in its final cut, it is very difficult or re-cut. Once kunzite has been cut, the brilliance seems to multiply, a characteristic that continues to baffle experts to this very day. The stone has a great violet-pink interior, and the surface, once cut, develops a silvery sheen on the facets, which is quite beautiful.

When it comes to cutting Kunzite, it is available in many exquisite cuts. It is available in large sizes, at a relatively low cost, and this adds to the appeal amongst ladies; one can have a ring with a large pink stone glimmering on her finger. When it comes to pricing, the color is the most important characteristic, followed by the clarity of the stone; the higher the intensity of the color, then the higher the price that one has to pay for it. Whether one would like the color to lean towards pink, or violet will depend on the skin color and also the personal predilection of the wearer.

The myths of kunzite gemstones

Given the delicate and fine pink color of the kunzite, it is said to be one of the best gemstones for lovers. It is said to bring about a deeper sense of devotions and understanding. This is ideal for any two people who are in a relationship. The inner peace and joie de vivre that this stone brings about is a definite plus for those who are in love. Another myth associated with this gemstone is that it has healing powers. It is said to free people from worry, by activating the mind; those who suffer from anxiety should try out this gemstone. For those who are about to take life-changing tests, wearing this gemstone helps you to be calm, before and after the tests. Although these are myths, there is some truth in them; once you look at a kunzite stone, the lovely pink colors tinged with violet somehow seem serene, and this helps in alleviating any feelings of depression and anxiety that you may have. You have to try it to believe it.

A little more trivia about kunzite

As mentioned before, kunzite is considered to be one of the most feminine gemstones in the world. Another fascinating aspect of kunzite is the fact that is can retain light energy. This is a phenomenon that is known as phosphorescence. This ability allows the stone to glow in the dark, just like the material that you find on clocks, which allows you to read the time, even when the lights are turned off. This luminous effect is not due to any intrinsic phosphorescence from the stone, but from the fact that it can absorb light energy, and then slowly release it when in the dark.

According to Cassandra Eason, in her book "Healing Crystal" published in 2003, she says that kunzite has healing properties. She says that is can relieve hormonal problems in women, during pregnancy, in the early days after birth and deals effectively with post-partum depression. Although there is very little folklore associated with kunzite, thanks to its relatively young age, it is said to increase feelings of love between a couple, increasing fidelity, and removing obstacles to personal growth. Eason says that when you travel by car, you should put a charm in the car, containing kunzite, so that it can stop any road rage directed at you by other road users and also help you keep calm when in difficult traffic situations.

Kunzite is associated with one of the most astonishing moments in the history of the United States. In 1963, John F. Kennedy went ahead and got a kunzite ring for his wife, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, so that they could celebrate a decade of being together during Christmas; unfortunately, the president was assassinated before he could present this lovely ring to her. It is said that Jackie Kennedy could not be separated from her kunzite ring for very many years after that event.

That said, you can see why kunzite is a stone that is surrounded by mystique. Apart from the pleochroism, this is a stone that appeals to ladies, and also deals with a lot of feelings that engulf the human psyche. Love, is one of the strongest emotions in human beings; it is even stronger than anger or hate. It has seen people transcend the most challenging of times in history and come out stronger. You can also experience the strength, serenity and beauty of kunzite by getting yourself some wonderful jewelry having the stone as the main piece.

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