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The meaning of gemstones

Various cultures, have over the centuries, added to the fables, and stories that surround gemstones and their magical powers. Surely, even philosophers have been inspired by these remarkable and rare creations of Mother Nature, and those who believe in supernatural powers have said that the minerals have true magical abilities.

George Frederick Kunz is the author of a book that contains the best stories that have ever been told about the abilities of gemstones. The book is aptly entitled the Curious Lore of Precious Stones, and was first released in 1913. One would think that having written this book makes Kunz a fanatic crystal gazer, but this is far from the truth. In actual fact, Kunz was the leading gemologist of his time and is one of those who have helped in shaping the world of gemstones as it is today. Kunz was the leading gem expert for Tiffany & Co, New York, which was the largest, and still is, the most influential jewelry store of all time. It was under his tenure that several famous gemstone collections were put up including the famous J.P. Morgan-Tiffany gemstone collection which is proudly placed on exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History.

According to Kunz, it was wonderful to learn more about the cultures of the world based on how they perceived the minerals that they came across and held in high esteem. Different people have had varying beliefs even about just a single gemstone. He said that his recollections were not just a study in sociological curiosity, but they gave valuable insight into the gemstones themselves. Some of the ideas that were held dear at the time may seem out of this world at this time, but when examined, one can see that these beliefs have contributed to the value that people place on the magical stones to this very day; it is these stories that have been passed down through the generations and made people appreciate the true value of the stones today.

Here are some of the beliefs that have been passed on through the generations from various cultures:

Agate · This is a gemstone that was believed to have protective abilities. It is said to bring strength to the wearer, thereby providing protection from bad dreams, the negative effects of stress and also the draining of energy from the body. It is said to be able to balance the male and female energies and that it brings up intuitive talents.

Amazonite · This is a gemstone that was said to calm the psyche and sooth the wearer. The only way it is able to do this is to keep away negative energy, thereby relieving the wearer from feelings of grief or sadness.

Amethyst · This is a gemstone that helps in bringing about emotional calm, thereby allowing for the clarity of through in all circumstances. The gemstone allows the wearer to come to wise decisions and this is because the gemstone beings about the clarity of minds associated with calm emotions. This gemstone allows the wearer to have good feelings, values and intuitions. For those who have been fighting with alcoholism, the gemstone is said to bring about sobriety; apart from alcohol addictions, it can also help alleviate other forms of addictions. For those with obsessive compulsive behavior, the gemstone will provide a lot of relief.

Apatite · This is a gemstone that aids in communication. For those who have a hard time expressing themselves and even those who have a stutter, relief can be obtained from this gemstone. The wearer will also not suffer from hypertension and it also helps the wearer to recover from grief and sadness too. For people who are suffering from viral attacks, this is a gemstone that helps in fighting them off; it also helps in blending the old and new experiences that one goes through in life.

Aquamarine · this is a gemstone that is associated with the removing of fear and anxiety, thereby promoting feelings of courage. When on long journeys the wearer will not have any anxieties about the journey, the fear of the unexpected, and many other negative feelings that come from experiencing new things. Sailors used it in order to protect themselves from bad things when on their ocean journeys, and would help prevent seasickness. There are those who believed that it brought about mental clarity and insight.

Aventurine · This is a gemstone that brings about good luck and opportunity, and it attracts fortunes. Many people believe that having an aventurine gemstone in your left pocket as you buy a lottery ticket will help you make some winnings, if not the jackpot. Left and Luck all start with the letter L and that is why the stone is kept in the left and not right pocket.

Blue Topaz · This is a gemstone that is ideal for people who are very anxious and do not like taking risks. It is said to bring about courage so that the wearer can overcome certain immobilizing fears. For those who love writing, are involved in intellectual and scholastic works, then this is a great stone since it is said to increasing intellectual capabilities. This is a gemstone that will also promote fidelity between couples, integrity and gentleness; it also helps in reducing mental anguish.

Chalcedony · The American Native Indians regarded this stone as being sacred, and they believed that it brought about brotherhood and goodwill in the tribe. This is a gemstone that is said to alleviate feelings of irritability and melancholy, all of which could lead to hostility. This is a gemstone that would promote peace even between two warring tribes.

Citrine · This is a gemstone that would help in bringing about a new perspective in metal thought. The stone helps in bringing about mental calm, by balancing the restlessness and impatience that one would feel when facing a particularly challenging mental issue. This is a gemstone that removes negative thoughts and promotes optimism. This is a gemstone that merchants loved to have since it was said to bring about abundance especially in trade. The gemstone would be placed in the venue where the business was to be done, such as a shop, or market stall, and the wealth would come flowing in, and it would be maintained for a long time. Citrine will also give the wearer great focus improve his or her self-esteem, and bring about endurance, even when bearing hard times.

Diamond · This is a gemstone that will absorb and improve the way that the wearer thinks. It is a gemstone that is thought to identity the strengths and weaknesses of other gemstones in its vicinity and also those of their wearers. In the ancient world, people used to think that the diamond could prevent poisoning and it was used for detoxification.

Diopside · This was a stone that was used to promote the cathartic process; as such, crystal healers would use it to induce tears, so that the afflicted person would release tension, grief and stress. It is said that the stone could help foster good love and commitment in a couple´s home.

Emerald · Traditionally, the emerald was taken as a stone that could bring about fertility even in those who had difficulty getting children. It was also said to improve the eyesight of the wearer and also imbue psychic powers to him or her. This gemstone was also used to help people overcome depression and aid them in having a good sleep. It is a gemstone that allows people to look inwards and know more about themselves. It helps in improving the balance between the emotions, promoting patience and also giving the wearer peaceful dreams.

Fluorite · This gemstone was used to stabilize intuition by promoting inner balance. It was ideal for lateral thinking and also increasing the learning abilities of the wearer. This is a great stone for those who need to concentrate a lot especially in learning environments, such as school, college, research institutions, etc.

Iolite · This is a gemstone that promotes inner vision, and one can get to a higher level of awareness using its powers. This is a gemstone that helps one to become more financially responsible and therefore help in the elimination of debt.

Jade · This is a gemstone that gives the wearer a serene mood. This is a stone that promotes luck and also remove anxiety and fear from the heart of the wearer. This is a gemstone that not only brings good fortune to the wearer but also aids in helping him or her maintain it. This is the stone associated with gardeners and is said to bring about plenty when it comes to harvesting.

Jasper · This is a gemstone that helps the wearer relax and be content. It also helps in bringing about compassionate and nurturing thoughts, which help in consoling the bereaved or those going through a lot of loss. This is a gemstone that brings about the reduction of mental stress, thereby promoting great balance in life.

Kyanite · This gemstone has a very calming effect, which helps in quieting down the mind; this helps in unravelling emotional or spiritual confusion. This is a great stone for helping one deal with feelings of frustration and anger.

Lapis Lazuli · This is a stone from the ancient world that was used as a token of truth and friendship. This is a gemstone that has a long history of promoting good will in relationships; it is also a stone that brings about awareness and wisdom.

Moonstone · This is a gemstone that brings about clarity of through and is therefore great for communication, receptivity and inspiration. It also helps one in seeing their destiny very clearly. For a long time, this has been the gemstone for psychics who said that it helped them perform their work easily; it also helps one in fulfilling their wishes and balancing their emotions. In the case of fulfilling wishes, this gemstone was said to bring about that which the wearer truly needed and not that which he or she just wanted; wishing for a Mercedes Benz will not work, if what you truly need is a Toyota to get you from home to work and back.

Onyx · This is a gemstone to does away with all negative energies. The energies may be from nature, or they could be coming from other people. This is a gemstone that will increase the perseverance and determination of the wearer and is therefore great for achieving goals.

Opal · This is a gemstones that is strongly related to the emotional wellbeing of the wearer; therefore love and passion will be enhanced by this gemstone. It is also thought to boost the imagination, bring about spontaneity, great dreams and healing.

Peridot · This is a gemstone that will bring about prosperity through the strengthening of growth and the ability to be open to new ideas; basically it will strengthen the life of the wearer. It helps the wearer to be understanding about many things in life, and therefore bring about great relationships, and reduce depression, jealousy, fear, anxiety and anger.

Prehnite · is a gemstone that is best for mystical powers, since it has an aura that promotes mystique. This is a gemstone that helps in remembering and interpreting dreams, and is great for prophetic thoughts and meditation.

Rose Quartz · This is a stone associated with the feminine aura, and is said to promote gentle love. It brings about calm and peace to any relationship. When people are going through a difficult time emotionally, it brings about the required healing, removing negative thoughts and restoring harmony in a relationship, especially after a big conflict. It also helps the wearer appreciate the beauty of art.

Ruby · This is a gemstone that protects the wearer from undergoing any misfortune, such as bad health. It also brings about openness of the heart and therefore promotes love. When the ruby is given as a gift, it is said to promote friendship and love between the two people. It is also a stone associated with royalty and is said to bring about vitality.

Rutile Quartz · This is a gemstone that promotes the powers of other quartz stones; it is also said to be good for making one see the root cause of a particularly challenging problem.

Sapphire · this is a gemstone that brings about happiness and peace; it therefore is used to promote communication inspiration, intuition, insight and prayer. In the ancient world, it was used as a window through which one could see the future.

Smoky Quartz · this gemstone was said to help one in being more persevering by increasing endurance. It would make someone become serene, calm, and have positive thoughts.

Spinel · this gemstone was often mistaken to be a ruby for several centuries, but it has, sadly, not got the rich more and myth that is associated with other gemstones. However, it is said to aid in relaxation, and helping to alleviate worry. The basis of its single meaning is the fact that has an unequalled purity of color, because it is one of the few gemstones that are singly refractive.

Tanzanite · this is a gemstone that was discovered quite recently and does not have a wide range of meanings, but it was said, by the Maasai tribesmen, to have healing properties. This gemstone is presented to new born children in the Maasai culture since they believe that it represents life.

Tiger´s Eye · this is a gemstone that helps in turning fear and anxiety into logical thoughts and actions. In difficult times, this gemstone promotes balance and gives the wearer strength; also helps in the alleviating of doubt.

Topaz · This is a gemstone that would be great for those with short tempers since it calms them, and gives them strength. When in confusing situations, this gemstone will help in bring clarity of through, focus and help increase your confidence. It is a great stone for those who suffer from insomnia, exhaustion, depression, worry, mood swings, and fear.

Tourmaline · this gemstone is best for bringing about spiritual and physical strength. It helps the wearer to be inspired and brings about concentration. In turn, these brings about balance, and help in bringing about understanding. When feeling out of sorts, this gemstone will promote calm, sooth grief, build self-confidence and promote balance.

Turquoise · This gemstone is worn by those who would love success and money, since it is said to attract wealth. In many cultures, this is a gesture of friendship. The Native Americans used to think of the stone as one of the sky and earth due to the sky-blue and green hues. Today, many cultures still take it to be the stone of symbolizes the roots of humanity to the earth.

Zircon · this is a gemstone that, from the Middle Ages, was said to bring about the growth of the sprit, thereby imbibing wisdom to the wearer. One would be encouraged to wear zircon when in the search for peace and beauty.

These are the meanings and beliefs that gemstones have acquired in their long history through many cultures. You can now select a gemstone based on the properties that you would like them to bring into your life.

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