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Synthetic Crystal Glass Gemstones - Glass stones that will blend your mind!

Manufactured glass has been used for centuries as a gem imitation and the practice still goes on to this day. Any color can be added to glass, and this is what makes it the preferable crystal when it comes to making imitation gems. Glass has been used to substitute gemstones such as peridot, aquamarine and amethyst, despite the fact that it is not as brilliant as the natural gemstones. Phenomenal gemstones such as opal and tiger"s eye can also be made out of synthetic crystal glass. Gemstones which exhibit mixed colors such as malachite, tortoise shell and agate can also be made using glass. This is a common substitute for white gemstones such as diamonds and they are considerably cheaper.

Whereas the quartz family comes in many naturally-occurring gemstones, glass crystals which have lead added to their structure have been used to make cut and faceted man-made crystals to imitate the natural gemstones. Synthetic crystal glass, which has about 24% of lead, will have a wonderful light refraction which makes it sparkle more than normal glass, and it will have more weight; it also gets a hardness that makes it easy to cut, without shattering.

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