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Date: 29.06.06 Big Sky-Blue Topaz / Oval / 5.91 ct. Weight!

Dear valued customer,

a big-sized Sky-Blue Topaz / AAA / Clean with 5.91 ct. weight is for sale. Kindly note, that only one piece is available for sale. Don´t miss that amazing high-quality gemstone. The gemstone is listed in our online shop category "Topaz Sky-Blue" -> "Oval". The price per piece is just 23.99 Euro.

Best regards

Date: 29.06.06 New Peridots / Round with 2.0 mm Diameter on Stock

Dear valued customer,

we received a new lot of fine round Peridots with 2.0 mm. diameter from China. These are high-quality gemstones AAA, perfect for ring-setting.

Best regards

Date: 22.06.06 New big Citrines from Brazil on Stock!

Dear valued customer,

we received a new parcel of big, fine Citrines from Brazil. These are really amazing clean gemstones. Kindly note that only single pieces are available for sale. High class Citrines with best quality in clearance and color. Please have a look at these fine gemstones.

Best regards

Date: 17.05.06 Big Sized African Amethysts on Stock!

We have a new stock of fine, Amethsts from Africa. These big gemstones are really stunning. Price is much below regular market price. First come first serve! Only single pieces are available. Have a nice day.

Date: 17.05.06 Big Sized Citrines on Stock!

We have a new stock of fine, big citrines. These big gemstones are really stunning. Price is much below regular market price. First come first serve! Only single pieces are available.

Date: 04.04.06 New Wholesale Diamond Parcels!

Dear valued customer,

please pay attention to our updated diamond parcel offers. These are great bargains and price is per whole parcel. Kindly note that only one parcel is available for sale. First come, first serve!

Watch out for these diamond parcels in our online shop.

Date: 01.04.06 Big New-Clients-Special! Free Gems!

We would like to welcome you as a new customer at Therefor we are pleased to offer you a welcome bonus. If you register now and place your order until end of April, you will receive 1 bonus gem or zirconia for free for every 10 gems / zirconia of the same type! You pay only 10 articles and you will receive 11 articles. If you buy 10 Peridots Oval 8x6 mm par example, you will receive 11 pieces, but you have to pay just 10 pieces. Do not miss that great offer.

Date: 29.03.06 Fancy Diamonds Special!

The price is 89.99 € per carat.

Only full carats can be ordered. You will receive diamonds with mixed fancy colors par example green, yellow, golden, pink, brown ...

The diamonds sizes are also different approx. 1.0 - 2.3 mm / 1 - 3 points per piece.

The diamonds are natural. Their colors are not enhanced.

These are really stunning diamonds at wholesale prices. You will be impressed.

Delivery time is 2-3 weeks after receipt of payment. The diamonds will be cutted directly after your order, so you will receive new diamonds directly from the cutter.

Watch out for these diamonds in our online shop.

Date: 12.01.06 High Class Big White Diamonds!

Dear valued customer, we are glad to offer you 3 diamonds with the following data:

0.30 ct / 0.34 ct / 0.36 ct
F / G / H Color
VVS, VVS, VS2 Clarity
Best Cutting & Finishing

These matching diamonds will be sold together, so the price is for the 3 diamonds. These are diamonds with best cutting & finishing. The price of 1300 Euro for all 3 diamonds is much below original costs and very much below rapaport. The diamonds will be sold without certificate, but you can choose your trusted gemological institute or jeweler to proof the diamonds.

Please have a look at the "Diamond"-section to order these diamonds.

Date: 11.01.06 Blue Diamonds Wholesale!

Dear Sir or Madam,

our special offer for today are intense blue diamonds with round-brillant cut, clearance SI1-SI3 and weight of 1-3 points per diamond seived. Price is only 74.99 to 89.99 € Euro per carat. The price is really wholesale, you won´t find cheaper diamonds with that good quality. Please let us know if you are interested. The diamonds will be cutted for you and can be shipped within 1-2 weeks. First come, first serve!

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