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Square Machine Cut Topaz White Gemstones in different Shapes & Sizes

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When you think about an engagement or wedding ring, you think about the princess cut; this is a cut that has been favored by ladies for decades. It is called the princess cut because it was reserved for royalty and those who were high in society; soon enough, the cut was used on stones for the general populace. The machine cut square princess cut white topaz is a gemstone to behold. It has the same white fire that is found in diamonds; in all aspects, it looks like a diamond, but it is considerable cheaper. This is also the most expensive topaz because it is very rare to find; there are only a few places on the planet where you can get natural white topaz. The princess cut has 58 facets, but there is a variation which has 49. This is a cut that was invented in the mid 60’s and it is the second most popular cut for diamonds; it is for this reason that it should also be one of the popular cuts for machine cut white topaz.

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