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Rock Crystal gemstones - Colorless quartz


The term Rock Crystal is used instead of colorless quartz. Quartz is the most abundant mineral, or gemstone, on the planet, and usually occurs in large crystals, some of which span many feet in diameter. However, this stone cannot be correctly assigned the classification of being a gemstone, because it is found abundantly, and it is not overly beautiful. For many centuries, one of the most famous uses for Rock Crystal is in the making of Crystals Balls, which were said to show the future of an individual. As part of ancient Roman myths, people believed that the gods had found the power to permanently freeze ice, hence forming the crystal. Note that the name crystal is derived from the Greek word Krustallos which means "Ice". In truth, Rock Crystal is formed from metamorphic and igneous rocks; for the smaller rock crystals, they can be found in pegmatite and geodes.

Natural and Synthetic Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is formed purely by Mother Nature, and it should not be confused with Lead Crystal Glass, which is synthetic. Both of them have similar characteristics, and only an expert can tell them both apart. In the making of lead glass crystal, lead oxide is added to molten glass, and this makes it harder, and also increases the refractive index of the glass, thereby making it have a higher sparkling ability. The famous jewelers known as Swarovski, are known to make the best lead crystal glass, and they do so using 32 percent lead; this ratio has been found to bring out the most brilliant glass ever. Any more than that, and the glass begins to become opaque, and starts looking like lead. Rock crystal is ostensibly found all over the world, but that which is considered to be of gem quality is found in Brazil, UK, Madagascar and Switzerland; the home of watches having the most brilliant quartz pieces.

Some fascinating facts and fables about rock crystal gemstones

In the Sanskrit language, Rock Crystal is known as Sphatikam, and it is said to have the clarity of the waters of the Himalayas; so clear is the rock that Romans used to think that the gods had found a way of permanently freezing these clear and pure waters. It is the most propitious crystal formed by Mother Nature. The odd thing about this stone is that it is rather bland, with a clear glassy look, has a cool touch and has been at the peak of human mystical beliefs for over 1000 years.

Rock crystals naturally occurs in hexagonal structures and some have a sharp termination at both ends of the crystal. It is considered to be the most humble of all precious and semi-precious stones on the planet. However, it is highly revered in the metaphysical world, mainly due to its pure and white color; rock crystal can have astounding clarity, without any inclusions, even in huge crystals. Modern Science, Yoga, The Occult, and other Spiritual practices have long used the Rock Crystal in many of their rituals. Energy Specialists and Gurus will tell you of the power that is found in prisms, wands, pyramids, lenses and mirrors which have been made of this stone. Those that are most sought after are those that have a single termination also known as point termination, a double termination or double point, and twin crystals, which appear together and completely resemble one another in termination.

It has been said that some of the legendary seers that have walked this earth wore a string of 108 rock crystal beads and that they varied in size from 20mm for the largest and 6 mm for the smallest. The reason for these exact measurements still remains a mystery. These beads were said to retain their cool nature even in the hottest of summer days, and this was mystical. They said that the cool nature of the beads allowed them to maintain an inner peace even in the toughest of situations. Rock Crystals do not have cleavage lines, making them easy to cut, and although they are brittle when subjected to forceful bumps, they have been found to have an unbreakable endurance.

Today, the most popular uses of Rock crystal is in the making of sculptures and trinkets; some of the most famous are those made from Rutilated Quartz; others are those that are made from Smokey Quartz, which gets its appearance from the occurrence of Cognate water trapped in the deeper parts of the rock.

Another popular use for Rock Crystal is in the making of wands, lenses and crystal balls. In science, rock crystal wedges are best used in making oscillators; they are also used widely in the making of wrist watches and clocks, which are collectively termed as quartz watches. Sophisticated scientific research, uses the crystals called Trydimite and Christobalite, which have been known to withstand high temperatures.

When it comes to hardness, Rock Crystal has a value of 7, making it easy to grind and cut. It can be polished using all manner of techniques thanks to this relatively hard nature and the fact that it does not have any cleavage. The crystals are usually medium-sized, but it is not uncommon to find some that weigh up to 120 kilograms. One of the most famous Rock Crystal sculptures is the Mayru Sriyantram, which weighs 60 kg. It was cut by the renowned Laccuram Vena, who took three months to sculpt and polish this priceless work of art.

Metaphysical and healing properties of Rock Crystal

There has been a time-held belief that pure Rock Crystal has the ability to heal, given that it is a great amplifier and transmitter of energy, and is said to correct any energy imbalance that is found in the human body, thereby healing any conditions brought about by the said imbalance. It is said to have the following abilities:

Boosting the immune system, Due to the balancing of energy and revitalizing of the Chi in the body, rock crystal is believed to heal many ailments, and also allow the body to increase in energy and strength, thereby helping it to resist more diseases.

  • Promotion of Understanding and mental clarity.
  • It helps one gain a lot of self-confidence by strengthening the conviction of one´s abilities; it helps one to deal with the most stressful of situations, and this is why seers and shamans made necklaces using beads of Rock Crystal.
  • Although it is associated with the crown chakra, it is said to bring balance to all the chakras of the physical body.
  • It is said to promote a deeper connection between the wider cosmos and the mind, thereby allowing for deeper meditative states, and this is the reason why it is widely used to create crystal balls.
  • It is said to ward off negative energy and it is widely used by people who believe in protection from psychic attacks.
The healing powers of Rock Crystal are best availed when the stone is placed on the body part that is ailing. It is said that having a pendant made from this rock will serve as protection from all forms of negative energy, and helps in keeping a positive outlook during the day. Just as you would do with other crystals, you should wash Rock Crystal using clean running water, and then keep it in the sun, so it can recharge its energy.

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